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Sir Eric

Summary of Sir EricEdit

Sir Eric is a knight that used to be a member of the personal guard to princess Belhorn before she ran away from home. Sir Eric left the city of Lawric, and his post, in order to find and bring home the princess. His adventures eventually led him to the island of Morang'thul, where he was set on a quest to save the world.

Eric's BackstoryEdit

Eric Greyshard was born in the kingdom of Lawric. When he turned 17 years old, he signed up to become a memeber of the city guard. Eric was stationed outside the castle door, but he had never seen the inside of the castle. During his first 3 months of service, the princess was on her way out of the castle when orcs attacked the city and flooded into the castle grounds. Eric was stationed 10 feet away from the princess at the time of the attack. When a group of orcs had slain all of the princess' guards, and were about to attack the princess, Eric dove infront of the attack and perried it. He quicky slew the group of orcs, and remained with the princess until the city was finally retaken. When the dust had cleared and the priness had told the king of what happened, Eric was knighted and eventually became a member of the king's guard. He was stationed as the princess' personal body guard, sworn to protect her with his life and his sword. With the great amount of time spent with each other, princess Anna and Eric Greyshard fell in love, but was forced to be kept secrete. Because of Eric's position, if the king found out about them Eric might be fired from his job, or worse. But about a month after Eric and Anna had confessed their love for each other to each other, the princess fled the city. When Eric had learned that the princess had run away from home, he began searching all over the world to find the princess and bring her back home.

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