The Original OwnerEdit

The staff of Zorak once belonged to King Zorak; the former king of Salaria. He used the staff in conjuction with the Sword of Zorak, and the Armor of Zorak, two other creations of King Zorak's. They were used on the battlefield when King Zorak fought for his kingdom against his enemies. He preferred fighting with his men on the battlefield rather than staying cozy in a generals tent. Unfortunately, King Zorak became mad with power, and through a complicated ritual he transformed himself into a deathknight, and began killing innocents by the thousands.

The Second OwnerEdit

The staff was eventually passed down to Hayerd Flint. A Long-tooth Shifter that was somewhat skilled in the arcane world. Although Hayerd was merely a bard, and had an alcoholism issue, he managed to weild the staff efficiently. After his unfortunate death, the staff was taken by Gkoshor Mistywug and sold to a wizard.

Stats for the StaffEdit

Item slot: off-hand

Enhancement: +6 attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: +4d6 damage Property:

-this staff will appear at the feet of its owner each night at midnight if it is not already in the owners possession.

-this staff will give an electric shock each time someone who is not the owner of the staff touches it (3d6 lightning damage)

-the transfer of ownership happens when the owner intentionally gives the staff to someone else.

-add the keywords "fire" and "lightning" to all damage delt with this staff. Powers:

-Thunderclap (encounter; standard) ranged 20 +40 vs Ref; 8d12+ (int mod) effect: target is stunned and dazed (save ends both)

-Teleport home (daily; minor) burst 2 target: any or all creatures in burst including user effect: the targets are teleported to somewhere the user has been. the user chooses the location.

-Sheild of zorak (daily; immediate interrupt) trigger: an enemy makes an attack against the user. effect: the user gains resist 40 against all damage until the end of your next turn.

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