"A long sword made of pure crystal that glints in the sunlight, and is imbued with powerful magic."

Weapon: longsword

Enhancement: +20 Bonus to attack: +20+strength mod+half level vs AC; 2d10+strength mod+20


-Shard Blast (standard; encounter) Range: blast 5 Target: each creature in blast Attack: +25 vs Ref; 3d10+25 Effect: the target takes ongoing 15 damage (save ends), when the target saves it takes 2d10 damage. 

-supreme damage (minor; daily) Effect: all damage delt with this weapon is multiplied by 1d4 until the end of your next turn. 

-change form (free; at-will) Effect: the blade  turns into a 4 inches long and 1 inch wide crystal that weighs 0.1lbs. None of the swords powers can be used while in this form. This effect is ended as a free action. 

-defiant shield (standard; encounter) Range: burst 5 Target: all allies in burst Effect: the target gains resist 10 until the end of the encounter.

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