Holy sword new

Weapon: long sword

Proficiency: +3

Enchantment: +4

Weight: 4 lbs. 


-While wielding the deathbane sword, you gain resist 10 radiant and resist 10 necrotic. 

-While using this weapon to attack undead creatures, deal 10 extra radiant damage. 


-Radiant Glow (at-will; free) Effect: all damage delt with this weapon gains the radiant keyword until ended as a free action. 

-Mass Turn Undead (daily; standard) close blast 10 Target: any undead creatures Attack: +20+strength mod or wisdom mod vs Will Hit: 5d12+strength mod or wisdom mod radiant damage, and the target is pushed a number of squares equal to your strength mod or wisdom mod+5, and is dazed (save ends).

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