Water OrbEdit

Water Orb Power (daily; standard)

Effect: Fills the room (or a 100ft by 100ft by 100ft space) top to bottom with clean, fresh water. 

Earth OrbEdit

Earth Orb Power (daily; standard)

Effect: Creates an earthquake that knocks all creatures in a 15 square burst prone (+20+str mod vs. Fort). Any weak building structure is destroyed. 

Fire OrbEdit

Fire Orb Power (daily; standard)

Effect: A large stream of fire shoots out of the orb toward the target in a 5 square blast. +20(+con mod) vs Ref, 5d10(+con mod) fire damage, and the target takes ongoing 10 fire damage (save ends).

Wind OrbEdit

Wind Orb Power (daily; standard)

Effect: Creates a tornado (3x3 token). The user can control the tornado as a separate move action and all creatures in the token (+20+dex mod vs. Fort) are flung in the air and take the fall damage of 30 ft (or less if not possible). The target is rendered helpless.

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